FlexAir is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of centralized vacuum systems for the industry and we serve clients all over Europe.

We offer a full range of products in order to satisfy to needs and demands from our clients.

We can supply turn-key solutions or supply vacuumpumps, filter units, pipesystems in order for the client to install these themselves under our guidance.

The centralized vacuum systems can be used for:

  • Cleaning of the working space for removal of metaldust and shavings.
  • General cleaning of the production area for the removal of debris.
  • On-tool extraction for removal of grinding dust from composite and fiberglass.
  • Removal of chips and shavings from CNC-machines; metal, nylon, plastic etc.

Our systems are used within a wide range of industries eg.:

  • Wind Turbine Manufactures; on-tool extraction
  • Metalindustry; fabrication and welding
  • Plastic industri; removal of dust and shavings
  • Waste and wood-fed Heating and Power Plants for generel cleaning.
  • Fiberglass-industry; dust extraction
  • Transportation sector; cleaning of busses, trains etc.
  • Cement- and concrete fabrication; cleaning of production facilities
  • Grain and feed industry; cleaning of production facilities

For further information about our products please see this brochures:

We hope that this short introduction has made you interested in learning more about FlexAir and our products and the service we can offer.

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Phone: +45 70 22 44 40

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